Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Happened to February?!?

Ok, this isn't even funny. It feels like I merely blinked my eyes and a whole month flew by. What happened to February 2009?!?

Today is March 1st and I am frantically trying to determine what exactly I did during the shortest month of the year. I hope that I didn't waste too much time on seeking heat and watching Days of our Lives!!

There is only one way to figure out what I did... and that is to make a list of my major accomplishments (obviously posting to my blog was not one of them!!). So, during the month of February 2009, I did the following...

  1. sold a whopping FIVE items from my Etsy shop, making February my best month ever!!
  2. set a date for my 5th anniversary trunk show.
  3. booked a flight to NY to attend my sorority's 20th anniversary.
  4. designed and ordered new cards to promote home trunk shows.
  5. became an international seller by filling an order placed from Austria.
  6. learned how to Twitter and joined the Etsy Twitter Team.
  7. announced the winner of my first Facebook Fan contest.
  8. donated three items to silent auctions for charity.
  9. had a very successful two-day "earring only" sale at my husband's office.
  10. hosted a non-English speaking family of four for three nights!!


Chrisy said...

Isn't it great to do a recap and realise that you did many important things last month! Congrats on all of them and hope March is a fabulous one for you...

JoAnn, Framing for a Lifetime said...

I'm with you, Mma Mayborne! Feb got away from me, too, and so did Dec & Jan. I haven't made a post to my Blog since Nov, so hey--you're doing GREAT. JoAnn

Jeanne Selep said...

Brook, that sounds like you accomplished a lot. I love the idea of a monthly recap. See you soon!