Sunday, October 25, 2009

Randi's Bracelet

Recently, I (finally) completed a custom order for a very dear friend of mine... Randi.

A few years ago, she went to Israel on a tour of the Holy Land and had a wonderful time. She was able to see for herself many sites that we discuss in our weekly Bible study classes. The trip was very inspirational to her and created a deep fondness for the land and its people.

Like most folks who take life changing trips... she brought something back to remind her of that faith adventure. And I am so glad she did!!

Her little reminders (a handful of coins from the national currency and ones for the planned temple) turned into a great opportunity for me to create something different for a change.

The coins were drilled, cleaned & polished and arranged with beads. Then colorful crystals were added and voila... a wonderful charm bracelet!!

Now she can wear a great reminder of her trip that has sparked numerous conversations. And the added bonus... you can now hear Randi "jingling" from about a mile away!!

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