Monday, March 17, 2008

Surprise Weekend Work Time

I was able to enjoy some unexpected, quality work time at home this weekend. On Saturday, Papa took the kids to see the Veggie Tales movie and on Sunday, he took them to Grandpa's for the afternoon.

What did I do with this surprising gift of six hours to myself? Well after I finished my naps, I got right down to the studio and made more rings!

I seem to be on a ring kick lately for some reason. In my last post, I wrote about making several sterling silver bands out of embellished wire. I decided to stay with the simple look and made these delicate little rings. I used 14 gauge sterling silver wire and soldered it into round bands. Then I soldered on 5mm fine silver bezel cups. Next I set denim-blue lapis lazuli and black onyx cabochons. Finally, I burnished them with a brass brush and soapy water until they shined.

I was able to make one ring on Saturday and six on Sunday. Isn't that learning curve amazing!

My fingers are still sore from all of the stone setting and burnishing, but now I have a nice little ring to wear... and a few more to sell at my next show. And since I was on a roll and the boys were still out, I made a couple pair of matching earrings by soldering sterling silver earring posts onto the backs of additional bezel cups.

Not bad for a little surprise work time!


DivaDea said...

I love rings. Yours are so delicate! Very nice.

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Love the rings. It's always nice to get a little chunk of free time (especially for crafting)

Shannon said...

The shade of blue on the ring you are modeling is just beautiful.

Kerry said...

Congrats on having six whole hours to yourself!
The rings are so pretty!

Kitty said...

I'm not naturally a jewelry person and need to train myself to be one, lol. I love how simple these are.