Monday, January 14, 2008

The Company Story: Part 1

In case you've ever wondered...

I began making jewlry in late 2003 after deciding to give a handmade gift to the MOPS volunteers who cared for my son. I've always been pretty crafty and knew that I could pull it off, but I had a hard time deciding what to make. After considering several options, I decided to create something wearable that would hopefully be donned as a fond reminder of my deep appreciation for the loving cate they selflessly provided. Four women received a simple beaded bracelet... my very first designs!

Not too long after that, making jewelry became my favorite hobby. I was even teaching classes featuring my very own designs at a local craft store. And for Christmas that year, every woman on my list got a piece of my work.

My mother (who received a beaded bracelet with a prayer box charm) wore her gift every day like a prized possession. It soon caught the eyes of her friends and coworkers. When they commented on it, mom (without my knowledge, of course) began setting prices and taking orders!

Well about a year and many different orders later, I realized that this craft was becoming more than a hobby. It was growing into the perfect opportunity for me (a stay-at-home mother of two young boys) to combine newly discovered artistic talents with previously aquired business skills. I created MAMA MAYBORNE DESIGNS as a way to offer myself unrestricted channels of personal growth and an outlet for other women wanting to express their desire to feel beautiful, unique and adorned.

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mom said...

Hi honey,
I'm gonna try a short note this time just in case I can't make it work. The web site/ blog site looks great! I sm so proud of you.
Love, Mom