Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Artist Statement... Speaking from the Heart

I love jewelry... the way it flatters, flirts and plays hard-to-get. It creates an attraction that is intensified by its magnetic appeal AND promises satisfaction by pleasing every style, mood and occasion. Jewelry is seductive and always leaves me wanting more.

Romantic designs that are subtly sexy are very enticing. I strive to create pieces that captivate and compel approving glances from adoring eyes. My jewelry designs also emphasize durability and versatility to make everyday wear possible.

I enjoy playing the matchmaker who joins the wearer and their object of desire into a long-term, enduring relationship. That's what makes me so passionate about creating the opportunity for women to display their love affair with jewelry.

Brook "Mama" Mayborne

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PrettyGeekySis said...

Mama Mayborne, I see you changed the site layout! I stopped by to see if any of my feedback worked out for you. :0)

Stop by and spread the love! :0)