Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm a Blogger Now!!!

Hello and welcome to the Official Blog of Mama Mayborne Designs and the ramblings of Brook "Mama" Mayborne!

Here I will be posting the ongoing drama of being a an up-and-coming jewelry designer, wife and stay-at-home mother of two.

I will try to post regularly (my goal is daily), but you know how that goes! I will mostly talk about myself, family and what I go through as a jewelry designer. I can tell you upfront that there will be nothing about politics or current events on my site because I do not watch the news and am about a month behind in finding out about any events.

I am especially excited to launch this site because I have experienced a large amount of loved ones who have moved away recently and I am not very good at picking up the phone. So all of you out there who have had to nerve to move away from me, this is your place to find out all that is going on in my little world.

I encourage your postings and comments. I usually pass my day time with a three and six-year-old so I find myself craving adult conversations as much as possible.

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