Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm Zoomin' Now...

I feel like I just entered a new age of technology and it feels GREAT!

I just got a high speed DSL internet connection yesterday and the world just became a little smaller... and faster! Shedding the confines of the dial-up world has me feeling like it's a brand new day. I still feel like breaking out into a song and dance like Dorothy in "The Wiz" after killing Evilene (actually, I am dancing now and will probably watch that movie tonight while I work!).

But I never want to be accused of not remembering where I come from, so here's a few thoughts to memorialize my 10-year relationship with dial-up:
  • Gone are the days of choosing between working on the computer and being able to get phone calls. (that one is for you Mom!)
  • Gone are the days of working late when connections are a millisecond faster.
  • Gone are the days of waiting an hour to upload a single picture.
  • Gone are the days of being 2-3 versions behind on all software because I can't wait for the updates to process.
  • Gone are the days of getting through several magazine articles while waiting for a page to refresh.
  • Gone are the days of having my email box telling me, "You want me to send that? With an attachment? Are you nuts?!?"

But even though I can move around a lot faster, I have found that (at least today) my time on the net has quadrupled. But that's because I'm having a ball zipping all OVER cyberspace!


Michele Maule said...

Congrats and welcome to the 21st century!!

Things are so much better here! How did you manage to survive all those days in the dark ages!? :)

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

I have dsl but sometimes i lose my connection and it is SO slow!
that's great, now you can read more forum posts :)

Kallia said...

I am so thankful for DSL! Recently, I had my laptop on dialup and it was so painfully slow. For years I could only use dialup at my home since nothing else was available in my backwoods area.